Albino Morph For Sale

Albino reticulated pythons are by far the most beautiful albino in the world. They come in a variety shade of yellow, orange, white, lavender and purple. Albino reticulated python consist of 3 different phases; the White, Lavender and Purple. The variable phases are actually the result of 2 compatible Albino genes expressed in one snake. There are the White and Purple Phase Albino which genetic alterations are located on the same allele. When bred together, they create a visual Albino which is an intermediate between the two, Lavender Phase. A White bred to a White will produce all White Phase offspring while a Purple to a Purple will produce all Purple Phase offspring. Breeding a White to a Purple Phase will yield all Lavenders, and two Lavenders bred together will produce all 3 phases in the same clutch. Albino has been used in many breeding project with co-dominant gene pattern mutation to produce some top notch super gene snakes.

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